BWM-Burlington SFT and Russ came highly recommended to me when I decided to take the step to get my conceal carry permit. Training with Russ at SFT taught me it is much more than the permit, it is continual learning and training which is why I continue to use SFT 2 years after getting my permit. Russ is straightforward and makes concepts easy to understand. He not only teaches but trains and adapts his own approaches to help me be safe, accurate and comfortable in the responsibility of conceal carry. He has given me confidence in the physical aspects of shooting and safety but just as important he stresses the mental and situational aspects to round out my abilities. I highly recommend SFT and Russ!

I've had over half a dozen classes with Russ at Sentinel Firearms Training and I can't say enough good things. I started with the basic CCW class and have progressed tremendously and am now participating in his more advanced pistol/rifle classes. His training is incredibly engaging, but also Russ stresses safety above all else. If you're looking for a great place to run your gun or just learn the basics, you can't go wrong with Russ at Sentinel Firearms Training and their private facility.
Joe L.

If you are serious about gun safety, shooting accuracy and professional instruction then I recommend investing time with Sentinel Firearms. The owner, Russ Richard's is the best instructor I have ever trained with. A gun in the hands of an untrained individual is the most dangerous situation you can put yourself or family in. Thank you Sentinel Firearms.

Russ is a highly qualified instructor who excels in communicating with people. He teaches firearms handling out of passion for the subject, and I believe that relates to his genuine affection for people. Russ meets the high standards in firearms discipline, but also excels as a compassionate human. He also does what he says he'll do. I came in knowing nothing and sort of afraid to handle a gun. I have gotten well beyond that and have become a reasonably competent shot thanks to him. I also leave each lesson feeling better than when I came in. I never expected that. He has also built a new outdoor range with a covered shooting area and targets in a variety of locations. You will enjoy the range and the sound of your rounds hitting the targets. It is a fun experience!

I was a first time pistol buyer and had no experience shooting or handling a pistol. I signed up for Russ's concealed carry class and learned a lot and enjoyed myself. I have been taking classes with him ever since to continually improve. He is a great and patient teacher. He knows how to break it down to make it easy to understand. The facility presents many scenarios for training and is great.

Jeff S.

Sentinel Firearms Training is the perfect solution to gaining confidence and knowledge on the use of firearms for self-defense, tactical preparation and in the competitive setting. Russ uses a broad array of knowledge and experience to accommodate every tier of marksmanship, from the novice shooter (like myself) to the skilled marksman. As a new member of the firearm community, it was great to find an individual who not only accepts someone at such a novice level, but also comes equipped with the ability to guide and improve upon their current skill set. His professionalism, patience, safety and organizational skills are constant evidence of his commitment to the craft of firearms teaching. I highly recommend Russ as a firearms instructor, as I travel over 35 miles for my lessons, just to have the opportunity to train with him. You will find a variety of courses that are offered for any skill level at SFT.

Cfrank RN

I have been a student of Russ Richards of Sentinel Firearms Training for a little over six months. I felt it was time to familiarize myself with firearms safety, proper operation, and legalities. Over my training period I have become familiar with firearms, both mechanics and operation. I have earned my CCW card and have become comfortable with handling a firearm safely and legally and have developed good skill in shooting. Russ is an excellent instructor and runs a professional school. I would recommend Sentinel Firearms Training for anyone who wishes to get comfortable handling a firearm legally and safely, or to improve their shooting skills.

Paula C.

To: Russ Richards
Subject: testimonial
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2011 11:49:43 -0600

I enrolled with Russell Richards and his NRA First Steps Class in Sept. 2011. As with most students I was a bit nervous about taking a firearms course. I quickly became more comfortable and was able to absorb what was being taught.

I attribute this to Russ and his training methods. I also came out of his class with a ton of information and instruction. His follow up was timely with the paper work and very professional.

As I progress with my firearms training I will not hesitate to return to Sentinel Firearms Training LLC and Russ Richards. I highly recommend this facility.

Mike S.

To: Russ Richards
Subject: Sentinel Firearms Training LLC
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 15:31:13 -0600


Just a quick note of thanks for the informative and fun training class you presented last Sunday. I am not a seasoned pistolero but I also am not a rookie with a firearm either, and I still learned quite a few things from you. I will heartily endorse your classes to friends, family and associates. Best of luck with Sentinel, and feel free to use this e-mail as a endorsement on your website.

Best Regards,

To: Russ Richards
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2011 20:59:26 -0600
Subject: Re: Question from Website Sentinel Firearms Training LLC


Thank you for taking the time today. I found your class very informative and beginner friendly, with some of the class being more advanced, yet you still took the time to make it personable. I look forward to our next meeting.


Sentinel Firearms Training LLC has been the perfect solution in building a solid foundation for my wife and me on how firearms should be properly used and safely handled. Russ's courses are a must for anyone that plans to handle a gun, no matter what your experience level may be.

We found Russ's instruction to be professional, enlightening and a heck of a good time. So much so that after we finished the NRA Basic Pistol class we immediately signed up for additional instruction.

Both the classroom and range instruction (yes, a live firearm range is onsite) offered more than we could have ever imagined. If you are looking for a thorough firearm training experience without the pressure or intimidation factor, we do not know of a better place to be than with Russ at Sentinel Firearms Training LLC.

Jim & Kristin S.